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Screen Room
A quality screen room with 20 inch kick plate
  • Every screen room individually engineered to meet new wind codes
  • Sun Room ready - Made for future window installation
  • Choice of fiberglass screen mesh sizes provide superior air flow
  • Insulated aluminum roof comes in various thicknesses to meet engineering spans
  • Doors are self-closing and latching
  • Choice of kick panel heights and finishes and optionally insulated
  • Concrete slabs and block knee walls
Screen Room under Existing Roof
Screen walls under house roof
  • Every screen room individually engineered to match required spans and heights
  • Sun Room ready - Made for future window installation
  • Screen Room upgrades include removal of old screen walls
  • Structural post replacement available. Sound wooden structural’s can be sleeved with matching aluminum
  • Screen Room remodeling may include hurricane shutter application to protect existing roof or porch
  • Removable sliding screen panels add versatility
  • Concrete block knee walls can be integrated into most structures

Screen Front Entry System
What a compliment to your homes’ front entrance
  • Simple front entry provides a barrier to mosquitoes and nest building wasps
  • Decorative front entry compliments your homes architecture – a beautiful way to greet your guests
  • Many door and side-light designs available
  • Welded security front entry systems protect your family from unwelcome visitors – bugs and humans, custom manufactured to meet your family’s needs
  • Direct application of screen door to entry door is often possible